News article 30.11.2020
Brexit….we’ve got you covered

As the UK reaches the end of the Brexit transition period, we are already supporting clients to ensure that the UK’s transition from EU membership is as seamless as possible for those who trade in the UK as well as within the rest of Europe.


Our Group Head Office facility (and main manufacturing site) is based in mainland Europe (Austria). Within the Group, we also have a production facility with extensive manufacturing facilities based in the UK – Cestrian. We are well prepared to bypass any export/import bottlenecks from January 2021 as we can manufacture and deliver from both within and out of the EU. Some clients have already been experiencing challenges with the new Brexit import restrictions and our multi-location facilities from within and outside of the EU means that we can guarantee campaigns will reach their end location safely. We have support teams located throughout Europe and the UK who will be happy to guide you through the best solutions.


We’re ready, and have valuable experience to share with our clients to help them get prepared too. We’ve been working closely with one client in particular; a high-street retailer, who has one point of contact at Arian Group to deal with for their European-wide, instore POS campaigns. Production and logistic agreements are in place, whilst colour consistency and quality standards across all POS elements have been fully tested and rolled out.

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The ARIAN difference:

  • Manufacturing facilities with parallel capabilities in central Europe and the UK
  • Group raw material purchasing from around the globe with local merchants when needed
  • Capacity for additional storage of raw materials at both our manufacturing facilities
  • Aligned production technology at both sites from pre-press through to despatch and POD tracking
  • Customer service teams who are experienced in export procedures and customs formalities
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