POS solutions 05.02.2020
Resource-saving POS solutions – using the latest materials and techniques.

Sustainability is the guiding principle of our time and already plays a primary role for many companies in the trade sector. In a society where our awareness around the use of environmentally friendly resources is growing, the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. The resulting trend towards sustainable economies and the increased use of biodegradable materials contribute to the goal of maintaining a system that is permanently renewable. By avoiding and reducing the use of certain materials as well as using those that can be recycled, many companies are already helping to either reduce their use of plastic, or to re-use it and keep it in circulation for longer.


ARIAN is also constantly working on finding solutions to be able to further expand its range of environmentally friendly POS items. One success story has been the “green product line”, which allows some paper items made up of natural raw materials such as chlorophyll (green pigment), straw from wheat, cannabis (hemp) and rag (cotton) to be recycled into other POS items.


Our aim is to conserve natural resources, to reduce the environmental impact of production, and to reduce waste. Depending on the area of application, other environmentally friendly materials can be used. For example, cardboard made from a variety of resource-saving raw materials such as wood and biodegradable plastic is available. Bioplastic is made from renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or wood, and its processing significantly limits the production of greenhouse gas emissions. Arian continues to work on creative ideas for ecological innovations so that we can meet our sustainability goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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