Billion Dollar Business – Black Friday

Time is ticking – there are less than 60 days before Black Friday makes an entrance on the retail stage. And then for a short period of time, one of the biggest annual discount promotions will be on show.


Black Friday traditionally takes place the day after Thanksgiving. It isn’t only online retailers that benefit from this exciting event though. High-street retailers can also book larger sales.

If you’re a retailer wanting to make the most of this opportunity, you must be well prepared. As is the case for classic sales campaigns, stores must have the appropriate marketing and sales materials at the ready.

POS displays, ceiling banners and all the rest.
In order to best promote the Black Friday instore, there is a variety of options.Customers will not automatically notice fabulous, heavily discounted products. Point-of-sale displays can significantly impact and strengthen your sales strategy. Perfectly positioned products combined with an eye-catching, well thought-out POS display can greatly influence the customer’s decision to buy.

Inshelf displays are especially helpful if you want to draw attention to the Black-Friday products which are placed in close proximity to the regular, non-discounted products. So-called Parasite Units which are usually located in front of a sales shelf, provide the opportunity to show-off supplementary products in the same product group as in the shelf behind. Smaller products included in the sale/discount campaign are particularly suitable for this type of display.

Ceiling banners and large-format translights attract a lot of attention and can highlight the Black Friday promotion from a distance.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the consumer is aware that the respective store is taking part in the Black Friday promotion. Experience shows that the ideal way to lure customers into the store is to dress windows with large, eye-catching laminates.

Properly used POS products can result in a massive increase in sales of a product or product group. That’s why it’s even more important to have a strong campaign for large events such as Black Friday.

After all, it’s on this day that you want to draw attention to your discounted offers and promotions. For any retailer, a sales strategy, including all plans for displays, must be in place well in advance of a promotion in order to meet customer expectations.