Summer Sale

It keeps on coming back without fail every year – the summer sale in an endless number of shops. So how can consumers best find their way through the confusion of those summer sales?

Colour is one of the most important components in the psychology of buyer behaviour.  Choosing the right colour / design for advertising sale items is absolutely key. It must be rich in contrast, prominent, and quickly attract attention – all these factors must be considered when putting together an optimal colour concept for sale items.

The sale items must also be advertised using appropriate displays. Tailor-made solutions are available regardless of store size and fittings.

Hanging (ceiling) banners attract a great deal of attention and can direct consumers to the store’s sale area from a distance. Smaller items can be best promoted using displays and depending on the product and brand, it’s easy to highlight the items you want to be promote. Displays allow great flexibility and can be placed where needed around the store. This is an ideal method for promoting seasonal offers in a fast-paced retail environment.

Quantity and positioning:
Pay attention to the quantity / number of planned sale displays and their positioning. A well-designed concept will help with successful planning. The size of the store and fixtures and fittings must be considered and it is important to find a good balance  between positive emphasis and over-stating the offer. The customer wants to feel comfortable and enjoy a positive shopping experience.

The way to the store:
Before the customer discovers the sale items in the store, they first have to enter the retail space, and cognitive perception plays a major role here. When the consumer is strolling through areas of shops, their attention must be drawn to the store and the sale promotion. This is done primarily via window displays. An exciting window display awakens impulsive buyer behaviour. The consumer gets a glimpse of the display, their awareness is increased, and they want to enter the store.

The shop window thus serves as an eye-catcher and invitation to enter the shop. Answers should therefore be found to the following questions around design: how do I best present the products, what type of advertising material (hanging banners, adhesive/laminate window overlays, etc.) would I like to use, and what type of design am I going to use to draw attention to the promotion?

Once the consumer is in the store, it is going to be the combination of the right design, the best s, and the well thought-out store placement that will appeal to them and encourage them to make the decision to buy.

Be a master of the summer sale and remember the following points:

  • Timely planning
  • Type of advertising material (displays, hanging banners etc.)
  • Quantity of advertising materials
  • Total number of stores (which stores need to be served? Do all stores need the same type/quantity of advertising materials?)
  • Skilful placement of advertising materials
  • Well-thought out colour concept
  • An exciting window display that awakens the interest of the buyer and encourages them to enter the store.