News 30.03.2021
API First Drives Optimum Efficiency

Creating eco-systems for sustainable future growth


At ARIAN we always aim to stay ahead of the game, developing products and solutions which will meet the future needs of our clients. As a naturally ‘lean’ business, we look for ways to drive efficiencies for both our clients and our internal ways of working; and we aren’t afraid to do things a bit differently to others.


An API (Application Programme Interface) first strategy is one that is open and collaborative; we know that we are often just one part of a much more complex ecosystem. This is why we believe that ‘API first’ is the way forward.


From streamlining the order process to real-time proof of delivery tracking; managing complex artwork pre-flighting to intelligent reporting and BI, our team of developers can work at speed with an API mindset. API’s allow the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.


What does this mean for our clients? They see a vast reduction in manual administrative tasks, freeing up their people to focus on growing their business and carrying out tasks which add more value. We are already supporting our clients with API connectivity to many systems including SAP, Ariba, Coupa and IBX.


Let’s talk about how we can support your business to streamline your ecosystem through API first connectivity…’handle data once, remove manual interaction’.

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News 16.03.2021
Ronald McDonald Children's Aid

Helping and advocating for sick children and families has no boundaries. ARIAN has been at Ronald McDonald’s side for years and is committed to numerous children’s aid projects.

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