Retail marketing 23.02.2021
Get more value from your FSDUs

Get more value from your FSDUs

Displaying your products using free standing display units (FSDUs) can help your brand to stand out in a busy retail environment. You get the benefits of having a portable, flexible solution to display your items with full control of your branding. What’s not to like?

A quick trip around a supermarket or high street store will show you the variety of FSDUs all competing for attention amongst busy shelves and shoppers! The more thought you put into the design of your display unit the more effective it will become in encouraging customers to take notice and prompt a purchase.

At Arian, we’ve been successfully designing and producing FSDUs for decades. So, what should you consider when creating your own unit?


  • SIZE – with so many brands trying to get retail space, the size of your display unit really matters. Playing with the dimensions of your display unit so it takes up a smaller footprint won’t necessarily reduce the impact it can make but could generate more interest from retailers and get you noticed. We understand retailer guidelines and can support you in coming up with the optimal solution.
  • MATERIALS – The materials used need to suit the durability of the unit and be aligned to the weight of your products. Using sustainable materials such as corrugated cardboard which can be completely recycled, is a must, as well as ensuring consumables, such as, clips can also be recycled.
  • CREATIVITY – To really bring your brand and promotions to life and create maximum standout, having a bespoke unit can enhance the wow factor. Use cut out graphics on the header boards to match your brand or try using different sizes and shapes for the shelving to suit your products. Including digital screens adds a new dimension to your display. The possibilities are endless!
  • BRANDING – How well does the branding of your unit align with the packaging of your products? Always leave time for colour matching between different printed materials. A mismatch of styles and colour can ruin the effect of the display. Also don’t forget to print on the back of the unit too even if you don’t expect anyone to see it – they’re often moved around during store changes in full view of customers, so keep them looking their best from all angles!
  • COST – Opting for standard size FSDUs instead of bespoke can heavily reduce the unit cost, whilst still providing you with a purposeful branded unit for your products. We can pre-assemble and fulfil your units for ease, alternatively the units can be delivered flat packed if required to reduce costs.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Creating a unit to work for multiple products and promotions can avoid having to produce and budget for new units per campaign. Interchangeable header boards to change promotional message and prices, or adaptable shelving, can update your offer and look without the expense of brand-new units.
  • REPLENISHMENT – The most appealing display units are not empty, however popular your product is! A huge part of the FSDU design process should ensure that store colleagues are able to replenish stock easily and quickly, without damaging the unit or products. Also take time to check that stores actually remember to remove units when out of date – a festive branded unit in February will not appeal!


Let Arian create your perfect FSDU


Whether you’re looking for hundreds of units or just a few, we will guide you through the whole process, from design conception to delivery and installation. Talk to us about bringing your display to life.

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