Technology 30.12.2020
Get your marketing print organised & simplified in 2021

2020 has been a year of challenges like no other. Whatever your sector, you will have learned to adapt, move quicker and rely more heavily on technology to keep the flow of communication open between colleagues and suppliers.


Looking ahead to 2021 and the uncertainty it brings, means that your marketing print plans will constantly need to change yet again. Time and resource constraints put a lot of pressure on a team managing a campaign – running alongside many other business priorities and increased remote working!


So, being organised is crucial to ensure that you can react at speed and meet tight deadlines.


Making the complex simple


As a leader in large format marketing print, we understand at ARIAN how to manage complex campaigns across multiple locations; we help our customers make this easier and more straightforward through automation.


So, what do our customers want?

  • To simplify and reduce touch-points
  • To drive down costs
  • To eliminate manual errors
  • To remove time delays connected with approvals
  • To be able to work remotely
  • To carry out tasks which frees up resource

This is why we developed itsapproved – a smart online portal that organises your print jobs in one centralised digitised space, where you stay in control of your approvals.


It’s personalised and set up for your business, with all of your standard product specs, prices and dimensions ready to go.


What itsapproved offers: 

  • Streamlined: Centralised system so all parties can access and see the status and action required for each job.
  • Certainty: Secure pricing across the term providing certainty of budgets and best price.
  • Accurate: Service level agreement for each product defines timescales for each stage in order to meet delivery deadlines.
  • Available: Real time insight available 24/7 as the system is not confined to working office hours.
  • Immediate: Push notifications means no time is spent on chasing for proofs, approvals, timescales.
  • Automated: Fully online system creating access for client and agency in one place, mitigating holiday and sick leave issues on jobs.

Because everything’s online, retrieving useful data is easier, while it frees time-poor team members to focus on more valuable creative work and chasing sales opportunities.


Tried and Tested


With our largest user of itsapproved, we identified an average of 33 separate tasks to deliver every project they were running; mostly around chasing, reviewing and approving artwork.


With itsapproved, we’ve automated their entire ordering, proofing and delivery process and we’ve calculated a 71% time saving – down from 234 hours per month, to 73. We’ve also reduced the number of phone calls they were making by 60% and have eliminated emails completely.


Let us help you


We’d love to help you get organised in 2021! Get in touch for a quick demo.


We’re always adding new functionality and can chat through how it can be tailored to work for your business.

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