Material alternatives 09.11.2023
Have you thought about using... Grass Paper?

Have you thought about using… Grass Paper?


Welcome back to our materials blog series! After looking at the versatility of honeycomb board and exploring the advantages of textiles made from recycled plastics, we’re excited to introduce you to a novel, eco-conscious material choice that seamlessly blends sustainability with style: Grass Paper.


This paper is a standout sustainable option that combines regular paper material with up to 30% grass fibres, resulting in a material that is visually captivating, distinguished and presents a genuinely eco-friendly choice.


Key features that set grass paper apart:

  • Unique composition: Infused with up to 30% grass fibres, Grass Paper takes sustainability to a new level, reducing the need for conventional raw materials and chemicals.
  • Versatility and quality: not only does Grass Paper offer a great versatility in terms of applications, it also doesn’t compromise on quality, stability and printability, making it a great choice for a variety of printed products.
  • Every sheet tells a story: The beauty of Grass Paper lies in its inherent uniqueness. Each sheet showcases a totally distinctive pattern, adding its own individuality to your creations.

Visual sustainability


At first glance, Grass Paper communicates a message of environmental consciousness and sustainability. Its 30% component of grass fibres gives it a simple yet distinctive pattern, exuding a sophisticated sustainable charm.  It’s an understated way to express eco-consciousness in your designs, without compromising on visual appeal. This unique visual identity, combined with its excellent printability, makes this paper a versatile choice for a wide range of printing and packaging applications.




Using grass as a primary resource in paper production offers a multitude of environmentally friendly advantages. From the initial stages of grass cultivation, which requires significantly less water compared to tree growth, to the potential reduction of CO2 emissions from transport by using locally sourced grass, this paper contributes to the conservation of important resources. In addition, the incorporation of grass fibres in paper manufacturing reduces the need for chemical bleaching agents, which are often used in conventional paper production. And of course, grass paper comes with an FSC® certification so you can trust that this material adheres to rigorous sourcing standards.


Versatile applications


Whether you’re designing posters, signs, packaging or other printed elements for your marketing campaigns, Grass Paper is an excellent option. Its blend of sustainability, image appeal and remarkable printability makes it the perfect choice for eco-conscious brands looking to showcase their commitment in a unique graphical way.



Grass Paper is more than a material; it’s a testament to the potential of sustainable innovation. By choosing Grass Paper, you not only contribute to more sustainable production methods, but also create a visual narrative that makes a subtle yet powerful statement about your brand’s dedication to the environment. Let’s continue exploring materials that push the boundaries of design and sustainability, creating a better world one fibre at a time.

Have we piqued your interest? If you are looking for a way to integrate Grass Paper in your marketing and point-of-sale materials, why not get in touch to see how we can help?

And keep an eye out for our next posts in this series to learn more about other material options you might not have considered for your next campaign.

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