News 08.03.2021
International Women’s Day 2021

Celebrating the role of women in our business and across the marketing services industry


Did you know that this year marks the 110th International Women’s Day? From the first gathering in 1911, the celebration has marked the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout the world.

Making up over 60% of ARIAN group’s employees, from our design studios to our print floors and logistics handling team, all the way through to our boardroom, we are very proud that women are represented across all areas of our group.


And In 2021, we’re aware of the role they play in in our business, more than ever. This year has seen our colleagues rapidly shift to working from home, juggling home schooling and collaborating across borders in new ways. But for the ARIAN Group the changes have been easier than for many other businesses. We have always believed in inclusion and equality of opportunity, which means enabling our people to work flexibly and providing the support they need so their careers can thrive. On International Women’s Day we want to celebrate the diversity that this approach brings to our business and the characteristics of our industry that make it such a great career choice – for everybody.


Women in print: the voices of our colleagues

We spoke to some of the women across the ARIAN Group, for their views on working with us, to mark this important day.

Kate Regan
Chief Marketing Officer for ARIAN and Director at Cestrian


I love working in this industry and feel very lucky to work with some of the world’s leading brands and a hugely diverse team across different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

At ARIAN and Cestrian, everyone is respected for the value they bring. We have some exceptional women working in all different departments; many of whom have been with us for years.

There’s no doubt that this year has been tough, particularly for working parents, but the group’s willingness to adapt to more flexible working patterns has developed us into an even more efficient and effective team who have given much more back in return.

Roswitha Heider
Head of Customer Support


I have been with ARIAN for 25 years and have passed through many departments. Since the company was founded, half of the management team has been female and this is reflected in the family-conscious culture.

After my own ‘baby break’ I returned to work and adapted to my new family situation – first part-time, then gradually back to full-time. I could always count on the agreement of the business.

Martina Rominger
Head of Pick & Pack


What I particularly like about my job is that I learn something new every day. ARIAN is like a big family, where people stick together and support each other. For me, good relationships are only possible if there is acceptance and respectful interaction.

These are exactly the values ARIAN stands for; collegiality, justice and solidarity.

Monika Fank


Good cooperation is always based on a balanced ‘give and take’ from both sides. Equal treatment and fairness, mutual acceptance regardless of origin and gender are an important part of ARIAN’s corporate culture. Honesty and the creation of space for independent work play an important role. My career at ARIAN – from my first position as an accountant back in 2014, through to my role now, as commercial director for the entire ARIAN group, reflects these principles.

Rachel Marginson


What do I enjoy about my job? I love that every day is different; finding solutions to problems and the varied nature of my role. I have an amazing team around me whose combined skills help us all to reach and exceed our goals. I’ve always been treated with respect, fairness and equality. My opinions are valued, I have the confidence to make decisions and I have the tools to reach my ambitions

Jenny Wood,
General Manager


 I’ve been privileged to work with women who I am frankly in awe of. Women who are incredibly talented and hardworking and who have demonstrated commitment on another level. We challenge the status quo of typical working hours, accommodating flexible working and job shares. The foundation for this started from the top-down and has created a culture of respect throughout the workforce. This year has been challenging, but luckily work-life balance hasn’t been an issue. Our robust and fair policies, along with our open and honest working environment have allowed everyone to make the arrangements they need to, to manage the impact of COVID on their work and home life.