Complex doesn’t have to be complicated 28.04.2022
ShipSafer: 3rd Party Logistics by ARIAN

Complex doesn’t have to be complicated


For over 45 years we have been storing, fulfiling and shipping our customers’ products around the world. This has given us a unique set of skills and understanding of global fulfilment and logistics that we can leverage to give you an outstanding 3rd party logistics solution.


ARIAN specializes in 3PL mostly for your everyday, non-commercial items; you can trust us to deliver your store fixtures and fittings, dummy products, promotional and marketing materials, and back-office consumables, among others. We are experts in 3rd party logistics management.


Our ShipSafer service is ideal for consolidating orders of goods not-for-resale, alongside marketing materials, for your network of locations. We are a trusted 3rd party logistics partner for a number of leading international retailers, helping to manage their complex needs.


Why 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)?


3rd party logistics (3PL) is the use of an external provider to outsource some of your own supply chain management such as distribution, warehousing and fulfilment services. 3PL can be especially useful for organizations with multiple locations and no central warehouse for all supplies; an external logistics partner such as ARIAN can function as the central hub, to consolidate different types of products into one consignment, saving you costs and providing a more environmentally friendly ordering and delivery solution.


Instead of having multiple orders processed by lots of different suppliers, we can function as the central hub to collect and store all different kinds of items that are needed across your locations, and your teams can place single orders which we will then consolidate – from stationery to colleague uniforms or even cleaning equipment. Not only saving you time and money, but streamlining everyday processes for your teams, and providing a more sustainable way of managing supplies and merchandise fulfilment.




With over 45 years’ experience in global fulfilment and logistics, and with our central European location, we are ideally placed to function as your 3PL hub. Our shipping solutions are cost-effective and offer full tracking and insurance.


Our warehouse and packaging facility is exceptionally secure and organized, and powered by an online Warehouse Management System, which provides you with real-time inventory management services, stock and ordering overview, and even trend reports. We can also provide further dedicated controlled access areas for products of a sensitive or high-value nature.


To streamline the packaging and tracking of orders, we own a state-of-the-art CMC Packaging Machine, which ensures the optimal packaging solution is used (eliminating void fill), therefore reducing cost and waste and ensuring safe movement of your products to their final destinations. The machine automates any wrapping and labelling, with the barcode fed directly into the Customer Service Portal for onward tracking, and even allows for scanning and recording the contents of each parcel for full visibility, ensuring that your goods always arrive complete and safe.


Our international, multi-lingual customer service team are experts at managing complex, international logistics needs and are always on hand to support you and your teams with any queries that might arise.

Interested in learning more about our ShipSafer solution? Contact us today at +43 3112 3171-0 or send us an email to to find out how we could help you with your logistics needs.

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