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How to make the most of your Amazon product listing

How to make the most of your Amazon product listing: A+ and Premium A+ Content


Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in Europe, and certainly one that continuously develops its platform to make it more customer friendly. One of the most visible changes in the last few years was the introduction of features that turn product pages into proper showcase sites, rather than just simple catalogue entries, and brands should definitely make the most of this.


Where before product listings were limited to a simple, plain text description, 5 bullet points and a handful of product pictures, Amazon now offers 2 types of premium content placements, A+ content and Premium A+ content, for sellers to make their listings more appealing to consumers. These features allow brands to make use of visual storytelling and additional product and marketing content on their product pages, to engage and help convert potential customers.


But what exactly is A+ and Premium A+ content and how can these features help you stand out on Amazon’s online marketplace?


What constitutes A+ and Premium A+ content?


A+ and Premium A+ content is intended for use by brand owners and brand-registered sellers, making it a powerful tool for you to strengthen and manage your brand presence on Amazon marketplace. Well designed and set-up product listings that use A+ and Premium A+ content will provide the customer with a visually captivating page, rich in attractive and informative images, text and even video. It should be used to provide the reader with better and detailed product information, a cohesive brand experience and help and advice ideas, which in turn will increase your customers’ confidence and generate more conversions for you.

A+ content

A+ content gives access to several layout options for content creation in the product description section. Brands can use it to include rich text, images, video, product comparison charts and mobile-friendly module options in the product description section of the listing page. It is free for professional sellers and vendors registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, as long as you own the ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) of the products you want to edit.

Premium A+ content

Premium A+ content, sometimes also called A++ content, expands the options of A+ content with multiple video modules, larger image options, interactive features such as hover hotspot modules and carousels, and enhanced comparison charts, among others. While Premium A+ Content normally comes at a cost, Amazon is currently running a promotion (as of September 2022) which offers free A+ Premium features for all eligible vendors.

Not everyone is eligible for Premium A+ Content, and criteria may vary in different countries. Eligibility criteria can include publishing A+ brand stories to all your ASINs and using and getting A+ content approved for a certain number of projects in the last 12 months. Eligibility is applied automatically to your account once you qualify and will show as a banner in the A+ content manager.


Why use A+ and Premium A+ content?


As mentioned before, research shows that over 40% of product searches now start on online marketplaces such as Amazon, which implies that presenting your product on this marketplace in the best possible way is one of the most important factors in convincing your customers to buy your brand – whether on Amazon directly or through other channels, and A+ content gives you valuable tools for enhancing your online marketplace presence.


In addition, Amazon states that A+ content may result in higher conversion rates, between 3-10% increase in the sales of your product, which increases up to 15% when using Premium A+. This alone should be reason enough to invest some time and effort into designing and establishing your A+ content section.


A+ and Premium A+ content can be used for visual storytelling, to clearly present your brand identity, visually explain your product and answer frequently asked questions. When well done, it can be a powerful persuasion tool, as it grabs the attention of your customer through attractive imagery, it’s perfect to showcase the benefits of your product, and will generate trust in your brand as it builds brand awareness across the marketplace.


Tips and tricks


Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when using A+ and Premium A+ content features on Amazon:

  • Make sure your A+ content includes all the necessary information from the standard text product description, as A+ Content will automatically hide the text-only product description. The end-goal is still to provide the customers with all the information they might need to make a purchase decision.
  • As with any consumer facing marketing materials, ensure that your images, videos and infographics are of a high quality, and proof-read your content to avoid any errors.
  • Don’t forget about keywords! While there is no official claim that A+ content will help in Amazon’s own ranking, there is also no claim that it won’t. The text in your A+ content will be indexed and will help with your SEO ranking in Google, making your products easier to find. You can also make use of the alt text of your images for keywords you don’t want to be visible, such as misspellings or translations.
  • Make your text sections short and to the point, especially on the top part of your A+ content section, to catch your customers’ attention and keep them on the page.
  • Use the additional space to clearly present and establish your brand identity – it will help customers to recognize your products and help in establishing brand loyalty.
  • Cross-selling makes up for an important proportion of online purchases, so using the product comparison module can help you get your other products in front of the customer and potentially use the product comparison module to encourage cross selling of your products.
  • Amazon also offers a “Manage Your Experiments” section, where you can set up A/B testing on your A+ and Premium A+ content, so don’t hesitate in trying out different options to see what resonates best with your customers.

How can ARIAN help?


Our dedicated team of Online Marketplace Experts have years of experience in managing our global customers’ presence on Amazon, reducing their workload in eCommerce, supporting with their brand presence and helping to increase sales with their expert knowledge of this online marketplace. If you are looking to use Amazon to sell your products, from initial product placement to brand store and campaign management, monitoring, advertising and SEO, we can support with the day to day management of your online marketplace presence. And of course, we can help you in the creation and/or optimisation of your brand’s A+ and Premium A+ content.


Our A+ / Premium A+ Content creation or optimisation includes initial testing, screening and revising of existing data, followed by creation of the A+/Premium A+ content to a consistent, Amazon and brand compliant standard. We also optimize any content for desktop and mobile devices, manage any approval processes with you and Amazon, and ensure the correct publication of the finalized content.

If you would like to know more about our online marketing services, and to find out how we can support you, why not get in touch with us today at +43 3112 3171-0 or send us an email to OME@arian.com?

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